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Eight Signs of a Struggling Principal

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About Terisa Folaron

Terisa Folaron has been teaching English for over 15 years. She has worked in the private and public sectors as well as in stateside and international schools with students ranging in age from K5- adult. She has an MA in Education and an MA in Administrative Leadership from Alverno College. She is a licensed an English instructor, principal and director of instruction. She has certifications in Montessori pedagogy (adolescent) and IB English Language. Terisa has been consulting professionals and academic institutions since 2007. She currently teaches in Milwaukee, WI. Reading now: Harpers Thinking about: Group Think Vs. Consensus

Teach for America: One Day ‘Some’ Children

By Rachel Storey
April 3, 2015

Teach for America (TFA) believes that “one day all children can have access to an excellent education.” The organization believes that through putting highly educated individuals into a teaching position for two years, the education systems in America can fundamentally change. On the surface, the plan seems fantastic. Young motivated people, teaching the youth of America to reach for their dreams, what could possibly go wrong?


About Rachel Storey

Rachel Storey is a high school special education teacher in Milwaukee Public Schools, and a 2012 Teach for America Milwaukee Alumnus. She grew up in Buffalo, New York. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Population and Demographic Studies from Cornell University, she moved to Milwaukee to start her teaching career. Recently she received her Master’s in Urban Special Education from Cardinal Stritch University. Rachel now lives in the Riverwest Neighborhood of Milwaukee and teaches at Golda Meir High School for the Gifted and Talented. In her spare time enjoys travel, cooking, kickboxing, and reading. Microbio: Educator, Individuals with disabilities Advocate, World Traveler, Kickboxing Feminist, 2012 Teach for American Alumnus that has nearly eight years of experience working for the promotion of people with disabilities, their families, and those that love them. Currently reading: 50 Shades of Gray Interested in now: The future of Special Education in charter schools Thinking about: Inclusion vs. self-contained classes

What Change Agents Can Learn From Prairie Dogs

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